K-12 Literacy Conference

Agenda At A Glance – Fall 2021 🍂

🍁 Fall 2021 🍁     #TheEdCollabGathering Agenda*

*Agenda is subject to change, stay tuned for additions or changes

Saturday, Sept 18th, 2021

Opening Session-9:45am EST

Opening Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative 💡

Opening Keynote:

Hena Khan

Children’s Author



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*members and associates of The Educator Collaborative are noted in orange

Note: Workshops, Times, and Presenters are subject to change

Session One – 11am EST

  • Lisa Loomis-Davern 
    • Divorcing Grammar Instruction from Classism and White Supremacy (6-12)
  • Sandra Osorio & Emma Lewis
    • Critical Literacy Practices During Early Childhood Read Alouds (PreK-2)
  • Towanda Harris
    • As the World Turns: Creating Spaces for Students’ Voices and Experiences in our Classrooms (K-8)

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Session Two – 12pm EST

  • Susie Rolander & Four Arrows aka Don Jacobs
    • Indigenous Worldview and the Children’s Literature that Grounds Us (K-12)
  • JoEllen McCarthy & Surprise Guests
      • Book Buzz: Must-Have Tools, Tips, and Titles to Spread Book Love! (K-6)
  • Troy Hicks
    • Creating Creative Non-Fiction (6-12)

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Session Three – 1pm EST

  • Brendaly Torres
    • Speak Up: Using Student Voice and Choice in Assessments (6-12)
  • Korby Saunders & Christy Glaser
    • Upping Your Read Aloud Game (K-5)
  • Abby Gillis
    • Living The Writer’s Life with Students (6-12)
  • Carla España , Luz Y Herrera, Michaela McCaughey, & Jen López
    • Sustaining a Critical Stance on Language and Identity in Learning Spaces with Bilingual and Multilingual Students (6-12)

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Session Four – 2pm EST

  • Julia E. Torres & Janet Damon
    • Regaining Reading Readiness: Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Reading and Sharing Stories (K-12)
  • Shawna Coppola
    • “Writers” over “Writing”: 5 Ways to Center Students in Our Practice as Writing Teachers (K-8)
  • Sarah Norsworthy
      • How Educational Technology Supports Antiracist Teaching – Making Antiracist Teaching Visible Through Ed Tech (K-5)

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Closing – 3pm EST

Closing Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative 💡

Closing Keynote:

Lorena Germán


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