Adopted Charities Spring 2020

Our adopted charities for the Spring 2020 #TheEdCollabGathering will be RAICES and Sankofa Learning Center.

Because #TheEdCollabGathering is a day of free learning, we invite you to donate what you would have spent on coffee, lunch, or even registration for an amazing day like this—pay forward to support others.

RAICES was chosen by our Opening Keynote, #DistruptTexts.

#DisruptTexts says:

“RAICES defends the rights of immigrants and refugees, empowers individuals, families, and communities, and advocates for liberty and justice. We aim to do so as well, through inclusive text selection and anti-racist/anti-biased curricular shifts. #DisruptTexts is advocating for immigrants, too, considering how one of the ladies is an immigrant herself, and Black and Brown immigrants and refugees have also been historically excluded and vilified by our ELA texts and curricula. It stops now.” 

About RAICES from their website:



Sankofa Learning Center was chosen by our closing keynote, Tiffany M. Jewell.

Tiffany says:

“School is often not a safe and caring space for children of the African diaspora. The learning space will be a place of healing, filled with love and liberation for Black children in New Haven.”

About Sankofa Learning Center from their website:

“The Meaning of Sankofa is you must reach back to reclaim that which is lost in order to move forward.  The “Sankofa” is a metaphorical symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana, generally depicted as a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg from its back.

Sankofa Learning Center, an African-centered learning ecosystem , provides New Haven families a place to re-imagine education, honor the voices and stories of Black people from the Diaspora, and provide a healing space of love and liberation.

Sankofa Learning Center deeply believes in the village and Indigenous educational practices. We honor our ancestors, their oral stories that live in our spirits, and their legacy on earth because without them, we would not exist.

Our vision for the SLC community is to inspire the village to live in truth, feel free in the midst of racism, study our oppressors, and equip ourselves with the tools necessary to live in liberation.  Our vision for children at SLC is that they feel true freedom and in doing so they are able to be active participants in their learning experience. Learners at SLC are given tools to develop themselves into loving change makers, anti-bias & anti-racist leaders, community collaborators, and creative thinkers. .”

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The Educator Collaborative is proud to adopt these charities during our event and hope you will consider donating to their important causes.

❤  Pay the Joy Forward! ❤


*Disclaimer: Most “adopted charities” are identified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (US IRS) as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations at the time of their selection to the Gathering. View additional data reported to the US IRS by searching the Just Give database (quick results), ProPublica database (records download), or by visiting for information. The charities listed on this website are offered only as suggestions, a decision to donate is your personal choice. By clicking on third-party links that take you outside of The Educator Collaborative family of websites or by making a donation to these or any other charities, through any means, you (a) acknowledge that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and (b) agree to thoroughly vet a charity before making a donation and (c) you indemnify and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, and the presenters listed on this website, and their officers, assigns, members, and staff, from any claims, damages, or other harms arising from your actions.

Supporting charitable causes makes a big difference in their ability to sustain and serve. As with all charitable giving, do your research and when you feel confident in your decision, give what you can.

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