Adopted Charities – Fall 2019

Our adopted charities for the Fall 2019 #TheEdCollabGathering will be Circle of Health International and An Open Book Foundation.

Because #TheEdCollabGathering is a day of free learning, we invite you to donate what you would have spent on coffee, lunch, or even registration for an amazing day like this—pay forward to support others.

Circle of Health International was chosen by our Opening Keynote Speaker, Christina Soontornvat.

Christina says:

“I have personally donated to COHI and have dear friends who are volunteering with them in person. COHI works to fill the healthcare needs of women and babies all over the world and they are currently helping asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border. The families who are making the arduous journey to our border have been through so much already. They are often in poor health when they begin the journey and many times they do not get the care they need and deserve when they are detained by US authorities. Circle of Health International is one organization working to ensure that our fellow human beings are treated with compassion.”

About Circle of Health International from their website:

“COHI aligns itself with local, community based organizations led and powered by women. We respond to the requests of these leaders, who are best suited to know and advise on the needs of the women and children that they serve. COHI aims to support these local partners through our provision of professional volunteers, capacity training, the procurement of requested and appropriate supplies and equipment, and by raising funds for the organizations to provide the services that women and children require.”


An Open Book Foundation was chosen by our closing keynote, Minh Lê.

Minh says:

“As an author, I love connecting with students and seeing books come to life in the classroom. However, not all schools have the resources to bring in authors or illustrators–and that’s where An Open Book Foundation comes in. They work tirelessly to organize free visits to under-resourced schools (and provide free books for every student) so that all children have the opportunity to connect with creators and cultivate a love of reading.”

About An Open Book Foundation from their website:

“Founded by Dara La Porte and Heidi Powell, An Open Book Children’s Literacy Foundation promotes literacy by connecting authors, illustrators, and their books to students in under-resourced settings.  Every student attending the event gets a signed copy of the author’s/illustrator’s book to take home.  In addition, we give a set of the author’s/illustrator’s books to the classroom and school libraries.  After the presentation, the author or illustrator chats with each student while signing his or her book.”


The Educator Collaborative is proud to adopt these charities during our event and hope you will consider donating to their important causes.

❤  Pay the Joy Forward! ❤


*Disclaimer: Most “adopted charities” are identified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (US IRS) as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations at the time of their selection to the Gathering. View additional data reported to the US IRS by searching the Just Give database (quick results), ProPublica database (records download), or by visiting for information. The charities listed on this website are offered only as suggestions, a decision to donate is your personal choice. By clicking on third-party links that take you outside of The Educator Collaborative family of websites or by making a donation to these or any other charities, through any means, you (a) acknowledge that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and (b) agree to thoroughly vet a charity before making a donation and (c) you indemnify and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, and the presenters listed on this website, and their officers, assigns, members, and staff, from any claims, damages, or other harms arising from your actions.

Supporting charitable causes makes a big difference in their ability to sustain and serve. As with all charitable giving, do your research and when you feel confident in your decision, give what you can.

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