Adopted Charities – Fall 2020

Our adopted charities for the Fall 2020 #TheEdCollabGathering will be First Book and Books Through Bars

Because #TheEdCollabGathering is a day of free learning, we invite you to donate what you would have spent on coffee, lunch, or even registration for an amazing day like this—pay forward to support others.

First Book was chosen by our Opening Keynote, Saadia Faruqi.

Saadia says:

“I have chosen First Books because I believe strongly 
that every child in every neighborhood should have access to quality books. First Book is an organization that not only works hard at achieving this mission, but also supports diverse authors like myself by making our books available to the kids who need them the most.”

About First Book from their website:

“First Book believes that education is the best way out of poverty for children in need. First Book aims to remove barriers to quality education for all kids by making everything from new, high-quality books and educational resources to sports equipment, winter coats, snacks, and more – affordable to its member network of more than 475,000 educators who exclusively serve kids in need.

Since 1992, First Book has distributed more than 185 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income communities in more than 30 countries. First Book currently reaches an average of 5 million children every year and supports more than one in three of the estimated 1.3 million classrooms and programs serving children in need.

First Book is rooted in diversity, inclusion, and togetherness and we aim to apply our expertise to join the fight for racial equity.”

Books Through Bars was chosen by our closing keynote, Tiffany D. Jackson and Julia E. Torres.

Tiffany and Julia say:

“We feel that this quote from Carla Hayden captures it best, “Libraries are a cornerstone of democracy—where information is free and equally available to everyone. People tend to take that for granted, and they don’t realize what is at stake when that is put at risk.” In a democratic society, everyone should have access to reading for information, entertainment, or relaxation. Even (especially) those behind bars deserve the chance to inhabit a space where minds can feel powerful and free.”
About Books Through Bars from their website: 

“Located Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Books Through Bars is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We believe systemic social, educational, and economic inequality leads to relentless cycles of crime and mass incarceration. Our work aims to reverse the devastating effects that injustice and incarceration has on individuals, families and communities.Our work is three-fold:

  1. Books: We distribute free books and educational materials to prisoners in seven states. We send them to anyone who asks, as long as their prison accepts books.
  2. Knowledge: The educational materials we send—often to people who otherwise have little no access to them—support prisoner education. This leads to critical personal growth and promotes successful community re-integration. In addition, we conduct innovative programs that encourage the public to think critically and engage in creative dialogue about imprisonment and the criminal justice system.
  3. Change: Our work fosters transformation within and outside prison walls. We receive hundreds of letters each year from prisoners telling us how the books they received changed them for the better. Program attendees tell us they walk away newly enlightened about the complexities of the issues we’re trying to address and the hurdles incarcerated people face. Volunteers say working at BTB changed their views about justice, equality, and incarcerated people.

Our work has directly impacted thousands of lives.”

The Educator Collaborative is proud to adopt these charities during our event and hope you will consider donating to their important causes.

❤  Pay the Joy Forward! ❤

*Disclaimer: Most “adopted charities” are identified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (US IRS) as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations at the time of their selection to the Gathering. View additional data reported to the US IRS by searching the Just Give database (quick results), ProPublica database (records download), or by visiting for information. The charities listed on this website are offered only as suggestions, a decision to donate is your personal choice. By clicking on third-party links that take you outside of The Educator Collaborative family of websites or by making a donation to these or any other charities, through any means, you (a) acknowledge that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and (b) agree to thoroughly vet a charity before making a donation and (c) you indemnify and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, and the presenters listed on this website, and their officers, assigns, members, and staff, from any claims, damages, or other harms arising from your actions.

Supporting charitable causes makes a big difference in their ability to sustain and serve. As with all charitable giving, do your research and when you feel confident in your decision, give what you can.

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