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Spring 2024 Gathering is April 13, 2024. Watch on YouTube or this site.

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9:45 AM EST / 6:45 AM PST

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by Christopher Lehman, Founding Director of The Educator Collaborative



by Samira Ahmed

New York Times best-selling author

11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST

  • Stefani Boutelier, Sarah Donovan, Jennifer Jowett, and Stacey Joy – Poetry in Community: Healing and Joy [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]

Noon EST / 9:00 AM PST

  • JoEllen McCarthy – Leveraging the Power of Read Alouds to Connect Joy and Science of Reading (Yes, you can do both!) [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]

1:00 PM Est / 10:00 AM PST

  • Cindy Gerwin and Sarah Norsworthy – Why Do We Cry? Exploring Our Educator Grief to Engage in Joy and Hope [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]
  • Shawna Coppola – “But That’s Not ‘Real’ Reading!” Advocating for Comics and Graphic Novels for Readers of All Ages [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]

2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST

  • Kristine Paulson – It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: Small Tweaks to Increase Engagement with your Foundational Skills Curriculum [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]
  • Christopher Lehman – Ways Leaders and Teachers Can Protect Good Teaching in an Era of Bad Programs [Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]

3:00 PM EST / Noon PST

[Watch Here | Watch on YouTube]


by Christopher Lehman, Founding Director of The Educator Collaborative


“Cultivating Young Multilingual Writers: Nurturing Voices and Stories in and beyond the Classroom Walls”

by Tracey Flores and María Fránquiz

award-winning educators and co-authors

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