K-12 Literacy Conference

S2021Session 1, Workshop 2: Using Mentor Texts to Increase Agency and Authenticity in Writing Workshop, 6-12

Jill Davidson & Melissa Walker

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Today’s Gathering has pre-recorded sessions (to allow greater flexibility for presenters and tech hosts during the pandemic).
This means:
  • Keep your eye on the time! You will see the session from the start, not live in progress… don’t miss the next one!
  • Tweet with #TheEdCollabGathering. Presenters looking forward to connecting!
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[su_row] Jill Davidson is a The Educator Collaborative network associate.  

Jill Davidson is a Literacy Coordinator for 21 Middle and High Schools across Anglophone West School District in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  As a Literacy Coordinator Jill supports teachers in establishing reading and writing workshops where students read, write, listen, and speak to learn about themselves and others and to navigate, think critically about, and take action in their world. She is passionate about engaging teachers as readers and writers and creating communities of teacher-learners across the district and beyond. Follow her on Twitter @ShelfieTalk [/su_row] [su_row]Melissa Walker is a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Anglophone West School District located in New Brunswick. She is committed to making the learning of teachers and students in this district the central focus of her work, specifically through a reading and writing workshop model. Melissa recognizes that part of being a literacy leader is making her learning visible and accessible to others and shares her learning through book talks, model lessons, professional book studies, blog posts, and by providing professional learning opportunities for teachers in her school district. She is looking forward to being a first-time #TheEdCollabGathering presenter. Follow her on Twitter @melissa_walker. [/su_row]

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