Session 2, Workshop 7: Innovative Approaches to Professional Development, K-12

Heather Rocco, Oona Abrams, Christopher Bronke, & Emily Meixner 

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Heather Rocco is a member of The Educator Collaborative network.  Read her full bio here and request her for consulting or a speaking engagement. Heather is the recipient of the Outstanding Language Arts Educator from NJCTE as well as the Governor’s Award for Arts Education from the State of New Jersey. With nearly twenty years of literacy instruction expertise at the secondary level, Heather has served as a classroom teacher, English Language Arts Supervisor for grades K-12 and an education consultant in some of the highest performing schools in New Jersey. She focuses much of her professional work on designing learner-centered, authentic literacy experiences for students.  She has supported districts in designing standards-based and student-focused curricula, adopting new instructional methods, and leading school-wide initiatives with passion.

A graduate of The College of Mount Saint Vincent and Manhattanville College, Oona Marie Abrams has been an English teacher since 1996. She teaches 11th and 12th grade at Chatham High School. An active member of NCTE, Abrams currently serves as editor of English Leadership Quarterly and co-chair of NerdCampNJ. She lives with her husband and four sons in northern New Jersey. 

Christopher Bronke has been teaching English for 13 years and is in his fifth year as English Department Chair at Downers Grove North.  He has presented nationally on CCSS integration across all subject areas, creating a teacher brand, as well as social media in the classroom and has had that work with social media featured in the Atlantic, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on EduTalk Radio, and on the social media platforms Celebrate Teaching.   Additionally, he has presented regionally on close reading strategies for fiction and nonfiction as well as 21st century innovative writing instruction.   Christopher was a member of the Teacher Advisory Council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  is on the Executive Committee as a member-at large for the Conference on English Leadership, and is a co-founder of the National Blog Collaborative, an organization dedicated to helping teachers blog.

Emily Meixner is is an associate professor of English Education and the coordinator of the secondary English education program at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. Emily regularly teaches undergraduate courses on reading & writing pedagogy as well as graduate and undergraduate courses on children’s and young adult literature.  She is currently serving on the executive board of CEL (Conference on English Leadership) as a member-at-large and presents regularly a local and national conferences on such topics as reading/writing workshop, reading/writing pedagogy, reading strategies and close reading, LGBTQ YA literature, social justice pedagogy, and novice teacher professional development. You can connect with Emily on Twitter @EsMteach.

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