K-12 Literacy Conference

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#TheEdCollabGathering is a totally free, no registration, online conference day intended for educators who serve K-12 students.  Our particular focus is on literacy, however sessions often reach the broad spectrum of literacy learning and support including writing workshop, reading workshop, education technology, social justice, content area literacy, family engagement, and more. The conference is great for classroom teachers, aides, coaches, building and district leaders and education advocates.

The sessions for #TheEdCollabGathering are presented live, at two online conference days each year, and then archived. First on this event site and then many are placed on our YouTube.com/TheEdCollab page for future viewing.

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Adopted Charities Disclaimer

During the Gathering we also “adopt charities.” All “adopted charities” are identified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (US IRS) as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations at the time of their selection to the Gathering. View additional data reported to the US IRS by searching the Just Give database (quick results), ProPublica database (records download), or by visiting IRS.gov for information. The charities listed on this website are offered only as suggestions, a decision to donate is your personal choice. By clicking on third-party links that take you outside of The Educator Collaborative family of websites or by making a donation to these or any other charities, through any means, you (a) acknowledge that you are doing so of legal age in your jurisdiction and (b) agree to thoroughly vet a charity before making a donation and (c) you indemnify and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, and the presenters listed on this website, and their officers, assigns, members, and staff, from any claims, damages, or other harms arising from your actions.

Supporting charitable causes makes a big difference in their ability to sustain and serve. As with all charitable giving, do your research and when you feel confident in your decision, give what you can.