K-12 Literacy Conference

Agenda At A Glance – Archived F17

🍂 Join us Saturday, September 23rd! 🍁

As with all Gatherings, every session will be archived and available through April. Edufriends struggling without power or in the midst of rebuilding will have access to all sessions when they return. We wish everyone safety, hope, and community.

Opening Session – 9:45 EST

Opening Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative

Opening Keynote:


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*members of The Educator Collaborative are noted in orange*

Session One – 11 EST

  • Workshop #1Kate Roberts
    • Balancing Whole Class Texts with Choice Reading in the Purposeful, Joyful Classroom (5-12)
  • Workshop #2Kristin Ziemke & Pernille Ripp
    • Picture Books, Photos, and Perspectives: Visual Literacy As a Tool For Fostering Empathy (K-8)
  • Workshop #3Elizabeth Lacy Schoenberger
    • Fostering Independence in Your Classroom (3-9)
  • Workshop #4Cristina James & Students
    • TED’s Excellent Adventure: Creating A Student Driven Licensed TEDx Event at Your School (6-12)

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Session Two – Noon EST

  • Workshop #5 Jillian Heise & Teresa Bunner
    • I’m White, So Now What? Making a Place for Conversations Around Race in Schools (K-12)
  • Workshop #6Maggie Beattie Roberts

    • Being Your Favorite Teacher: Exploring the Art of Great Teaching (K-12)
  • Workshop #7 – Stephanie Affinito, Heidi Weber, Cathy Mere, & Suzanne Porath
    • Building a Virtual Learning Network for Professional Learning (K-12)

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Session Three – 1 EST

  • Workshop #8Rusual Alrubail   *Cancelled*
    • Digital Writing for English Language Learners (4-12)
  • Workshop #9Rachael Gabriel
    • Demonstrating and Finding Key Ingredients of Effective Literacy Instruction (K-12)
  • Workshop #10Christopher Lehman *pre-recorded session*
    • Learning with The Educator Collaborative in 2017-2018: Literacy to Build a World Where Every Learner Thrives (K-12)

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Session Four – 2 EST

  • Workshop #11 – Carla España & Luz Y. Herrera
    • Decolonizing Bilingual Curriculum and Pedagogy (K-12)
  • Workshop #12 – Lindsey Moses
    • Deepening Independence in the Reading Workshop: Purposeful Student-Centered Experiences for Individuals, Partners, and Small Groups (K-6)
  • Workshop #13Chantal Francois
    • Interrogating Texts Across the Day and Across the Grades

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Closing – 3 EST

Closing Session:

Closing Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative

Closing Keynote:

Teaching Tolerance – Amber Makaiau & Lhisa Almashy


*Agenda subject to changes.

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