K-12 Literacy Conference

Agenda At A Glance – Spring 2019

Fall 2019 #TheEdCollabGathering

will be Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 9:45AM-4:00PM EST!

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Opening Session-9:45am EST

Opening Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative

Opening Keynote:

Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Coretta Scott King Award winning Author & Illustrator; Poet; & Photographer

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*members and associates of The Educator Collaborative are noted in orange

Note: Workshops, Times, and Presenters are subject to change

  • Pre-Session – Christopher Lehman
    • Learning with The Educator Collaborative in 2019/2020: Our Inspiring Year of Literacy (K-12)

Session One – 11am EST

  • Workshop #1 – Tanny McGregor
    • Visual Notetaking: Using Ink & Ideas to Create Meaningful Sketchnotes (K-12)
  • Workshop #2Heather Rocco, Joshua Flores, & Natalie Croney
    • Why Quiet is Crucial: Supporting Introverts in Education (K-12)
  • Workshop #3Teresa Bunner
    • Student Voices/ Authentic Audiences: Empowerment Through Writing (6-12)
  • Workshop #4 Deirdre Spollen La-Raia & Katie McGrath
    • Transforming School Culture Through Instructional Coaching (3-8)  



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Session Two – 12pm EST

  • Workshop #5 Elsa Galindo & Lisa Stone
    • Good Intentions Gone Bad: How Well-Intended Teachers Can Destroy a Love of Reading (K-8)
  • Workshop #6 – Tynia Thomassie
    • Sparking Bottom Up Cultural Change with the Use of Google Tools (9-12)
  • Workshop #7 – Bilal Polson, Alicia Boardman, Erik Sumner
    • Impeach The President’s Dream: Dreamers Surviving Freedom Through Literacy, Culturally Relevant Teaching, and Social Justice In Action (K-12)
  • Workshop #8 Keri Orange & Amy Pacifico
    • Successful Integration of ELA and Social Studies Using Texts Addressing Cultural Diversity (3-5)

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Session Three – 1pm EST

  • Workshop #9Rebecca Marsick, Kim Herzog, Barbara Robbins, Fola Sumpter
    • Finding Authentic Audiences: Connecting Communities Through Story (9-12)
  • Workshop #10Dana Onayemi & Justin Onayemi
    • Disrupting Traditional Approaches to School Discipline: Literacy Practices to Teach Students, Not Suspend Them (K-12)
  • Workshop #11 – Mary Alicia Lyons & Tammy Jirles
    • Inquiry For The Youngest Learners: Genius Hour In K-2 Classrooms (K-2)
  • Workshop #12Jaimie Dubuque
    • Smarter, Not Harder: Leveraging Notebooks in the Workshop Classroom (6-8) *session cancelled by presenter*

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Session Four – 2pm EST

  •  Workshop #13 Tricia Ebarvia & Tiana Silvas
    • Disrupt Writing to Center Students (4-12)
  • Workshop #14Diana Palacios & Gwen Quinn
    • Phonological Awareness: A Foundation for Strong Readers and Writers (K-2)
  • Workshop #15Maggie B Roberts
    • ESPN, PBS NewsHour & Cable News: Frameworks for Summary, Analysis & Essays (4-10)
  • Workshop #16Jamie Utecht
    • Using Tech Tools to Formatively Assess in Readers Workshop (K-5)

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Closing – 3pm EST

Closing Session:

Closing Remarks: Christopher Lehman, Founding Director, The Educator Collaborative

Social Action & Social Media: Changing The 🌍 Through Student Voice

West Orange, NJ teachers and Students

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