K-12 Literacy Conference

S2021Session 4, Workshop 12: Reimagining Writing: How Can We Empower Students as Composers?, K-5

Lisa Stone & Joy Verbon

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Today’s Gathering has pre-recorded sessions (to allow greater flexibility for presenters and tech hosts during the pandemic).
This means:
  • Keep your eye on the time! You will see the session from the start, not live in progress… don’t miss the next one!
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[su_divider divider_color=”#ffb121″] [su_row]Lisa Stone is a The Educator Collaborative network associate. 

Lisa  has dedicated more than 20 years to nurturing young minds and supporting student growth, particularly within the areas of reading and writing, in Canada and Mexico. In her former role as Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico, Lisa was a driving force in whole school reform in language arts. In addition to this work, Lisa designed and co-led a six-part series of literacy institutes in Latin America, attended by over 100 educators across two years. Simultaneously, she served as the adjunct professor for State University of New York for those seeking graduate credit in the institutes. Lisa was also a contributing writer to the Scholastic/LitCamp Curriculum, a summer literacy program designed to combat summer loss, that is now being used in the U.S and over 10 other countries.  Currently, she spends her time partnering with schools in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Russia, in an effort to move each school forward toward a sound literacy program that fosters a love of reading and writing in children. You can follow her on Twitter @LisaLaRegia.   [/su_row]
[su_row]Joy Verbon is a The Educator Collaborative network associate. 
Joy has been working in education for more than two decades. Her experience in education started in the United States and expanded to Colombia and Mexico. During this time, she has worked as a homeroom teacher with primary, elementary, and middle school students. She has also worked as an Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction specializing in literacy in nursery through eighth grade and as a literacy coach for elementary middle school grades. Currently, Joy serves as the Assistant Principal for Primary Grades K-2 at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico. Her initial undergraduate studies include a K-8 teaching credential as well as an emphasis in linguistics and language acquisition. She has earned postgraduate degrees and certificates from Buffalo State University, Lehigh University, and Iowa State University in education, literacy and leadership. She keeps students at the forefront of all her decisions and enjoys working with others in order to best support all learners. Find her on Twitter @joyverbon.[/su_row] [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#f8b556″]

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