K-12 Literacy Conference

F2019 Session 4, Workshop 12: Developing Trauma-Informed Literacy Instruction and Policies, K-12

Ducle-Marie Flecha

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[su_row]Dulce-Marie Flecha is a member of The Educator Collaborative network.Read her full bio here or request her for consulting or a speaking engagement.

Dulce-Marie is an expert in literacy pedagogy, multi-lingual literacy, and in trauma-informed literacy practices. Dulce-Marie has dedicated her career to serving homeless and highly mobile students through equitable, trauma-responsive, multilingual literacy education. Her current role involves coaching and developing professional learning for a team of 80 educators of color; adapting curriculum to meet the academic and emotional needs of migrant children, aged 0-17; and collaborating with clinicians and local community organizations. Her work also requires being the point of contact to emotionally disregulated children.  She is immensely proud to work with a team of educators and therapists who prioritize student safety while in crisis. Dulce-Marie provides support to schools and educators on planning deep and responsive reading and writing workshops that account for the full emotional and social experiences of children and youth. Living true to the values of workshop instruction, that classrooms should be responsive to the lives of the children within it. [/su_row]

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