F21Session 1, Workshop 1: As the World Turns: Creating Spaces for Students’ Voices and Experiences in our Classrooms, K-8

Towanda Harris

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Today’s Gathering has pre-recorded sessions (to allow greater flexibility for presenters and tech hosts during the pandemic).
This means:
  • Keep your eye on the time! You will see the session from the start, not live in progress… don’t miss the next one!
  • Tweet with #TheEdCollabGathering. Presenters looking forward to connecting!
Towanda Harris is a The Educator Collaborative network memberRead her full bio here or request her support for speaking engagements. Dr. Towanda Harris is an expert in educational leadership and child and adolescent literacy, including a focus on rigorous instructional planning.  Towanda is the author of The Right Tools: A Guide to Selecting, Evaluating, and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices. Her experience ranges from a classroom teacher, staff developer, literacy content specialist, and an instructional coach. Currently an Instructional Leadership Coordinator and an adjunct professor of reading and writing in Atlanta, Georgia, she brings years of experience to the education world. As a member of the #G2Great Twitter Chat team of educators, Towanda enjoys engaging in meaningful dialogue that challenges education and centers students in the process.. Follow her on Twitter @drtharris  

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