K-12 Literacy Conference

S2019 Session 3, Workshop 9: Finding Authentic Audiences: Connecting Communities Through Story, 9-12

Rebecca Marsick, Kim Herzog, Barbara Robbins, & Fola Sumpter

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[su_row]Rebecca Marsick is an associate with The Educator Collaborative.  She has taught elementary school as well as English at both the middle and high school levels. She is currently a Secondary Literacy Coach for the Westport Public Schools in Westport, CT. She is also the co-author of Stretching Beyond the Textbook, an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University, and presents on literacy at both local and national conferences. A lifelong reader, writer, and learner, she believes that inquiry and choice empower both students and teachers.[/su_row] [su_row]In Kim Herzog’s 13 years of teaching, she has taught nearly every course at nearly every level, and has co-created many elective courses, most recently including Children’s Literature and a co-taught course with culinary called Food in Literature. She is a National Writing Project teacher who recognizes that learning is made meaningful when shared, and she works diligently to collaborate with her fellow teachers.Through teaching, she strives to teach to and for the learner. [/su_row] [su_row]Barbara Robbins has co-written two English courses titled Gender, Sex, and Identity and Children’s Literature and also taught 9th-12th grade English, including electives and support classes. As a science literacy coach at Staples High School, she provides  professional development for the Westport Public Schools. An outcome of this work has been presenting with science teachers on using book clubs in the high school science classroom. Barbara is a collaborative teacher who prides herself on being a teacher-leader in her department.[/su_row] [su_row]Fola Sumpter has taught high school students in traditional and non-traditional environments for seven years; she has worked with a wide range of students varying in academic, behavioral, and social-emotional levels. She is currently a tenth-grade teacher at Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport, CT. Fola aspires to make curricular content accessible, meaningful, and engaging through interdisciplinary collaborations and cooperative partnerships.  [/su_row]


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