K-12 Literacy Conference

S2020Session 2: Expanding the Canon at the Place Where the Beat Drops! (9-12)

Joy Barnes-Johnson & Jamarious Nickerson JeanRenoit

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Today’s Gathering has pre-recorded sessions (to allow greater flexibility for presenters and tech hosts during the pandemic). 
This means:
  • Keep your eye on the time! You will see the session from the start, not live in progress… don’t miss the next one!
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[su_row]Joy Barnes-Johnson currently works in secondary education and consults for several racial literacy, STEM Education and training projects she calls EqSTrEAM educational responses exploring equitable science teaching and learning. She has published several articles that address teacher preparation, policy and curriculum design. In 2018, she  co-edited a research volume entitled STEM-21: Equity in Teaching and Learning to Meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation. She was recently honored by the NJ Education Association with the 2019 MLK Jr. Human & Civil Rights Award. Find her on Twitter @DrJoyBJo

[/su_row] [su_row] Jamarious Nickerson JeanRenoit is currently an educator at the middle school level, having worked previously at both the elementary and secondary levels. He brings forth expertise in American Literature, British Literature, and Political Science. Mr.Nickerson JeanRenoit is also fluent in three languages and has completed a fellowship in African Economics at Kenyatta University. In his birthplace of Newark, New Jersey, he launched a campaign for Councilman At-Large which was widely supported by educators in the city.  At the heart of his service are diverse students, and he has published a social ethnography entitled “6’7, NOT A NBA Player. Meeting the Demands for Male Educators,” to inform communities about the need for the recruitment, retention, training, and support of competent men of color in the educational field as core content instructors. Currently, he mentors ten young men from Newark,New Jersey and Paterson, NJ, some  of whom are currently college freshmen at Rutgers University.  In his leisure, he enjoys spending time with his family, being involved in his childhood home of faith, and traveling to African countries.  [/su_row]

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