K-12 Literacy Conference

F 2019 Session 2, Workshop 6: Creating a Culture of Learning and Authentic Audiences Using Technology, 4-6

Keri Orange & Amy Pacifico

  • session was cancelled by presenters, we apologize for any inconvenience 

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[su_row]Keri Orange is an associate with The Educator Collaborative.  She has been a teacher for 22 years, and has taught at Kelly Elementary School in the West Orange School District for 16 years, teaching grades 4 and 5.  She currently is a 5th grade social studies and science teacher. Keri is a member of the West Orange District Evaluation Advisory Committee, Twitter Task Force and has helped to write curriculum for social studies, where she works to integrate Social Studies with English Language Arts.  She enjoys reading and teaching students to appreciate diverse cultures and history.  [/su_row]

[su_row]Amy Pacifico has been a teacher at Kelly Elementary School in the West Orange School District for 29 years at a variety of grade levels and subjects in grades K-5.  She currently is a 5th grade ELA teacher. Amy is a member of the West Orange Ed Tech (IGNITE) Team where she helps coach teachers to successfully integrate technology to amplify student learning.  She is passionate about creating a classroom culture for reading and writing and empowering her students through the use of technology and social media.  [/su_row]

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